Ron Magill Conservation Heroes Award


The Ron Magill Conservation Heroes Award (RMCHA) recognizes outstanding contributions to in-situ wildlife conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin by promoting capacity building and project development.  The award provides Latin American and Caribbean field conservationists with opportunities to fulfill their conservation potential by funding capacity building—in the form of professional training—and providing project development assistance—in the form of field equipment purchases or data collection and monitoring services.  In doing so, the award also serves as a bridge between ZCOG’s dual missions to provide direct support for wildlife conservation and promote capacity building through professional development.



Due to special considerations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 RMCHA competition will be held by invite only and limited to current ZCOG field conservation partners.  



Preference will be given to applicants whose projects have had a demonstrated impact on the conservation status of a species.  Projects that employ nationals also will be given preference, as will projects that demonstrate a clear commitment to involving local communities in their conservation and monitoring efforts.  Finally, preference will be given to projects that engage local, national, and international audiences and that have published peer-reviewed articles or otherwise contributed towards the advancement of scientific knowledge.



The maximum amount of funds awarded is $4,500 USD.  Funds can be used to:

(1) purchase field equipment or data services that aid in wildlife/conservation monitoring, or (2) cover professional development training costs for field staff. 


When possible, ZCOG will serve as the purchasing agent for goods, services, and/or training courses awarded.





Download the 2020 RMCHA Application and turn in your completed application to scholarships@zcog.org on or before 5:00PM on October 30th.   The 2020 Award recipient will be announced via ZCOG's website and social media outlets on December 1st. 

All project funds must be used within twelve months.  ZCOG will not reimburse for expenses incurred prior to the award.  For additional questions, please contact scholarships@zcog.org


View the original October 13, 2016 announcement about the Ron Magill Conservation Heroes Award.


Download a copy of the announcement in the December 2016 issue of AZA Connect.

Yara de Melo Barros.RMCHA.2019.jpeg

Yara de Melo Barros, Projeto Onças do Iguaçu

2019 Ron Magill Conservation Heroes Award recipient

2017     Rachel Graham, MarAlliance
2018     Guillermo Cubillos, Zoológico Nacional de Chile
2019     Yara de Melo Barros, Projeto Onças do Iguaçu


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